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Ennova Products

  • EnnovaCFD™ for OpenFOAM®
    • EnnovaCFD™ for OpenFOAM® is a complete CFD solution based on the open source industry standard OpenFOAM® and Ennova's pre- and post- processing capabilities.

  • General Purpose Pre-processor
    • The Ennova application provides a bedrock for pre- and post-processing for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Ennova is built on a modern client/server architecture which offers the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing. Today’s CFD solvers are very scalable and provide accurate fluid dynamic solutions to a wide variety of physical problems. However, creating a computational mesh suitable for a solver is still a major bottleneck in the CFD process. CFD solvers require valid mesh with sufficient cell density to resolve the physics of interest.

  • Aero-Dynamic Tool
    • The Aero-Dynamic Tool or ADT is a customized solution that allows anyone with a passing familiarity with CFD to conduct a sophisticated analysis of a automobile in a wind tunnel. The user simply enters the vehicle speed, identifies the wheels, radiator, fan, condenser and other key components, and the ADT will set up rotating frames for reference and heat transfer and porous media and other arcane CFD functionality for and OpenFOAM® run.

  • Environmental Assessment Tool
    • This tool allows almost anyone to simulate the impact of environment pollution, given the building geometry and the pollution sources.

  • Workflow and Process
    • Ennova is designed to streamline your CFD pipeline. The CAD repair algorithms are carefully tuned to provide the right balance between being automatic to process 99% of the model without manual input and being flexible with a suite of CAD cleanup tools which can be applied manually for specialist use.

      The geometry, once repaired and cleaned, can be meshed with a variety of mesh generation schemes, or exported to your own proprietary mesher. Ennova mesh schemes include, topology-based meshing , Octree, Tetra, Cut-mesh, and Shrink-wrap for use depending on solver and model requirements. The topology-based mesher extracts the topology from the CAD model automatically and generates a body-fitted hybrid mesh by merging structured and unstructured mesh regions. Boundary layer grids can be generated automatically as needed.