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Meshing Toolkit

Ennova technologies is available in many forms to ennable your CFD product. Ennova can be used as an unmodified (off the shelf) pre- and post- processor; it can be modified to appear as custom GUI for a more professional appearence and subset technologies can be ported into your existing GUI product.

Off the shelf

In the off-the-shelf configuration a CFD partner can simply re-sell the general purpose Ennova pre- and post- processor bundled with their existing CFD technology to quickly and easly create a complete CFD package from a batch oriented CFD code

Customized GUI

With slightly more work, Ennova can be modified so that your CFD code is presented to the end-user as a complete end-to-end CFD application with custom designed full function pre- and post- processing system.

Source Code Licenses

If your organization is interested the long term development of an industry leading CAE system and needs a head start on CAD import, CAD cleanup, or mesh generation a source code license is a good option. With this option you can leapfrog your competition and ensure your technological future. Continued maintenance available.

Component Technology

If your organization is missing a single critical technlogy we can help as well.