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Simulation Videos

Semi-Submersible Floating Platform

A Fully Coupled Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation for Analysis of Semi-Submersible Floating DeepCwind Under StokesII-Wave using ennova and OpenFOAM®.

Tornado-like vortices.

Analysis of tornado-like vortices using the DES turbulence model, coupling aero-acoustic phenomenon (acousticFoam). Analysis of flow around a building in a tornado generator and acoustic analysis inside the building Sound transmitted through glass.


Sound Pressure Progagation

This is a video that compares the sound pressure propagation in both polyhedral and octree hexahedral meshes.

Mixing Tank Simulation

This is a simulation of a mixing tank.

Unsteady airflow

This video shows how unsteady air flows over an opening produce sound.

Wind Noise Car