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Overview of Ennova

Boom Supersonic XB-1, designed with Ennova: First flight

Ennova Technologies' customer, Boom Supersonic, completed their first test flight of their prototype, the XB-1, this morning. Ennova and Boom have worked tirelessly to bring the advantages of cutting edge computational fluid dynamics to aircraft design. Congratulations, Boom ! Click here to view the video on Boom's YouTube Channel

Introduction To Ennova

In this video we present an overview of the Ennova approach. It is under three minutes and gives the philosophy of our technology.

Ennova CFD: A quick intro demo

Here is a three minute intro to Ennova. In this video we show step by step the creation a mesh in Ennova.

Ennova CFD: The better meshing solution

This is a more detailed introduction to Ennova. Not a tutorial but going into some depth about the capabilities. It was put together by our partner, Wolf Dynamics. Click here to view the video on Wolf Dynamics's YouTube Channel