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Node Locked License


The node locked license is the simplest solution. If you are only going to be using Ennova on a single computer, this is the best solution. Simply obtain the hostid from your computer, email it to us and we will generate a license file that will allow you to run Ennova on that computer until the expiration date.

Obtain your hostid

If you have already installed Ennova on your computer, open a command prompt and go to the installation directory. Then go to the "license" sub-directory. There should be a program "getaddr" or "getaddr.exe". Run it. It will print the hostid(s) of the computer. This is actually the MAC address of the ethernet card. It should look something like ab-01-cd-23-ef-45. If your computer has more than one ethernet adaptor there will be more than one MAC address. Copy those values into an email and send them to us and we will generate a license file for you.

Installing a node locked license

After you receive your license file, put it into the license directory, the same directory the getaddr program is in. On Windows, do not use the command prompt to do this, use the File Explorer. The Ennova installation directory will likely be under "Program Files". All files under "Program Files" can only be modified with special privileges and these privileges can only be obtained from Windows File Explorer. Make sure that the license file is named "ennova.lic". If we sent you a license file "customer.lic" or your mail program changed the name to "ennova.lic.txt" you must change the name to "ennova.lic".

Troubleshooting Node Locked Licenses

If you are having trouble with your nodelocked license, open up a command promp and "cd" into the license directory of your installation. Then run the program "lic_check ennova.lic". This will tell you if your license is valid for this machine.

Floating License


If you want to share a license with multiple users or want to use Ennova on multiple computers you will need a floating license. In this case you will have to select a computer to be the license server . This computer should be accessible on your local network to all of the computers on which you wish to run Ennova. It cannot be a virtual machine. If this machine is not running, you will not be able to run Ennova on any computer.

Installing RLM

You will need to select a directory to be the installation directory for the RLM utilities on your license server. Use the links below to download the RLM utilties.

Download the Windows RLM server

Download the Linux RLM server

Unzip and untar the downloaded RLM utilities into this directory. In the created directory you will find the "rlmutil" program. Run "rlmutil rlmhostid" on the license server computer. This will print the rlm hostid of your server. Send the hostid to us and we will generate a license file for you.

Starting the RLM server

After receiving the license file from Ennova, place the file in the RLM utilities directory and name it "cdaj.lic". Read the documentation in the README file in the RLM utilities directory. This will give you instructions on how to start the rlm server. If you are running multiple applications that use RLM, consult with your sysadmin about running a single RLM process for all of your RLM applications. Check out this link or see the RLM documentation below.

Install licenses on client machines

Also place a copy of of the license file "cdaj.lic" in the "license" sub-directory of the Ennova installation on all computers where you wish to run Ennova. Ennova should now be ready to run . If you run into any problems, please check out the Troubleshooting section below or contact us or consult with the RLM online documentation .

Troubleshooting Floating Licenses

If you see this error, or a message that says something about "communications error with license server", that means that your license server is not properly started, or the port numbers specified in the cdaj.lic file are blocked or already in use.
You can see which services are using which port numbers with the netstat command. You can change the port numbers in the cdaj.lic file. The port numbers are four or five digit numbers. One is at the end of the HOST line and is used to communicate with the RLM software and one is at the end of the ISV (independent software vendor) line and is used to communicate with the cdaj (Ennova) license server.

If you did not get any error message when starting Ennova, go to Application Menu -> Ennova Options -> Resources -> About Ennova". You should see some information about your license on this screen: