Solving complex problems with next generation technology

In 2007 when I left Ansys to start Ennova, I wanted to make sure that what we created would be different enough from ICEM-CFD to be compelling to ICEM-CFD users. I thought about what was different between the computing landscape in 1990 when we started ICEM CFD and 2007. The main difference was that in 1990, multi-processor machines were rare and expensive, and coding for parallel computing was considered very esoteric. In 1990 developers and users could expect that CPU speeds would double every two years. Thus, any problem that was too big to be handled with the day’s software and hardware could be tackled by waiting a year or so, which might be quicker than undertaking the software development necessary to achieve the same effect. However, by 2004 for many reasons, the decades long constant increase in CPU speeds came to a sudden halt. Computers in the future would have more CPU cores, not faster ones.

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