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Meshing Solutions


Ennova meshing software provides a scalable client / server architecture solution for CFD and FEA meshing. Using a novel Hands Free approach. Complex hybrid meshing becomes a seem-less process rather than the traditional analysis bottleneck. Ennova has Direct CAD interfaces to all popular CAD engines and formats, which allows Ennova to import both STL and Nurbs data. Automatic geometric healing of dirty data identifies CFD air and part file Volumes. Ennova understands that different physics and solvers often require very distinct meshing types. For this reason Ennova can generate a wide range of meshes from fully structured to unstructured, with tetra, prism, and polygonal cell types. Hybrid meshes with regions of structured and unstructured blocks can be constructed with minimal user input, which is ideally suited for rapid design cycles and optimization. Ennova blurs the distinction between CAD repair and meshing by working beneath the surface performing CAD Repair, topology feature identification, such as boundary layer prism, swept volumes found in tip clearances, stretched elements on leading and trailing edges without user input. A high-quality mesh is automatically refined based on topology and curvature requirements. When desired, the mesh can be managed and controlled using intuitive high-level commands to improve the mesh for specific needs.

Ennova Technologies

Todays CFD processes require meshing to be reliable, fast and, in the case of optimization, work cleanly on different candidate geometries without user input. Ennova has developed a platform of technologies from which the Ennova is built.

Client Server Architecture

Once one has made the leap to multiple cores, it is not much harder to take advantage of clusters of multi-processor computers. But to do this with an application with heavy 3D modeling requirements requires splitting the application into a client part that runs on the desktop using the high performance graphics of a workstation and a server part that runs on the parallel compute resource. With Ennova, the only big data that resides on the desktop is the display list that you see.

Parallel Architecture

This is different than the client server architecture. It means that the server itself was built from the ground up as a parallel application. Everything is thread safe.

Geometry Kernel

Ennova is built on our own proprietary Geometry Kernel. There are many Geometry Kernels available today commercially so why did we decide to build our own? Doesn't this just add to the complexity of the application? There is not one single answer to these questions so lets look in detail at the advantages of a proprietary Geometry Kernel.

Mesh Topology

Mesh Topology is a unique Ennova technology. It is a software layer that lies between the raw CAD data and the geometry cleanup and meshing algorithms. This layer servers multiple purposes. It allows Ennova to treat the original CAD geometry as read-only even while it repairs it. It allows the meshing algorithms to construct geometric objects like swept regions and structured regions that do not correspond to any CAD entity.

Mesh Generation

Ennova is a complete meshing tool. Depending on the type of analysis and solver used often different types of grids need to generated. These different types of grids can be for surface meshing or volume meshing. As well as solver often geometry plays a role in determining the type of mesh generated.

External Flow Meshes

Our developers, as the original creators of ICEMCFD, have many years of experience in crafting grids for external or aerodynamic flows. It is well known that for high quality aerodynamic solutions, structured grids or multi-block structured grids preform well in most solvers. However, structured or multi-block structured grids are not easy or fast to make on anything but the simplest conceptual geometry, and they often require hours of manual input to make a grid.