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Welcome to Ennova Technologies

At Ennova our goal is simple: To enable the CFD engineer to build models in hours that previously took months without sacri cing quality or accuracy.

Ennova Technologies develops leading edge grid generation software for computational uid dynamics (CFD). Ennova was founded in 2007 by Dr. Michael Hohmeyer, Devendra Rajwade, and IDAJ, Inc. Both Dr. Hohmeyer and Mr. Rajwade have over 20 years experience in CFD software development. First, with ICEM CFD (co-founded by Dr. Hohmeyer) and later with Ansys (Ansys acquired ICEM CFD in 2000). IDAJ has been a distributor of CAE software in Asia for over 20 years.

The software developed by Dr. Hohmeyer and Mr. Rajwade has been widely usedto increase the e ciency of productsranging from automobiles to aircraft to wind turbines.


Our Company

Our headquarters, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, thrives off the surrounding culture of the tech industry.

Because Ennova allows a wide variety of industries to use this software, we are often traveling to showcase Ennova.

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