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Mesh Topology

Ennova is a complete meshing tool. Depending on the type of analysis and solver used often different types of grids need to generated. These different types of grids can be for surface meshing or volume meshing. As well as solver often geometry plays a role in determining the type of mesh generated. If the geometry can be repaired then the topology based body fitted mesh can be used. For very dirty complex geometry for example found in production data the Shrinkwrap mesher provides a convienent way to extract the air /solid volume. If the geometry has different length scales in its principle directions anisotropic elements may be needed . An aircraft wing is an example of this.

A Comprehensive Tool Box

  • Topology Based Meshing

    Body fitted anisotropic Surface Mesh

  • Octree Mesher

    Cartesian background Volume Mesh

  • Shrinkwrapper

    Cartesian Cut Mesh with optional isotropic remapped Surface Mesh

  • Prism Mesher

    Boundary Layer Mesh for both Shrinkwrapped or Topology based Meshing

  • Tetrahedral Mesher

    Isotropic Volume Mesh

  • Dualizer

    HoneyComb Volume Mesh

  • Volume Mesher Smoother

    Variational based Smoothing