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 Repair Tool

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1. Repair Tool Options
Repair Geometry
Use this tool to run the repair process using the current settings
Use this tool to set the tolerances and repair parameters used in the repair process. You can control through this menu the precise processes used during the repair for advanced users
Stitch Surfaces
This control only performs the stitch surface command. This is useful when the Cad data is  clean but not stiched together.
Restart from Cad
This will reset the topology of the model to the base start of the initial CAD model. It is analgous to closing and reopening the initial cad data from file .
Reload from Server
Sometimes the client of Ennova can become out of sync with the server. This may be to local or global internet issues etc. In this case clicking this button will reconnect them together in sync.
Find  Structured Faces
Use this tool to  have Ennova automatically find and mesh surfaces which can be locally structured.
Defeature geometry
Use this tool to remove small features in the model which may cause difficulty for the CFD solver, for example tiny fillets and sliver surfaces
Combine Edges
Use this tool to  remove unneeded breaks in the cad edges which will cause  unnecessary mesh refinement.
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