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  • Ennova Interface Guide

Ennova Interface Guide

Ennova Interface Guide

Quick Access Toolbar

1. Quick Access Toolbar


2. Ribbon

Messages / Process Explorer Tab

3. Messages / Process Explorer Tab

Model Properties

4. Model Properties
Model Properties are found here

Active Server Name

5. Active Server Name
The current Server Name is displayed here

Application Menu

6. Application Menu
Application Menu

Group List

7. Group List

Stop current Proess

8. Stop current Proess
Stop  the current process by clicking here
Ennova Interface

Ennova's graphical user interface (GUI) contains a toolbar, a function ribbon, dockable windows, a few tabs and a 3D viewer. To take advantage of the full range of Ennova features, we recommend using Ennova with a scroll wheel mouse or with a 3D Connexion SpaceBall or SpaceNavigator. You can use the nub as a scroll wheel, and configure the laptop so that pressing both buttons simultaneously behaves the same as pressing a middle mouse button.
This image shows the major interface elements in the Ennova application:
The Ennova interface
The Application menu contains file-related commands and options to customize Ennova.
The Quick Access toolbar can be customized so that it contains the file-related shortcuts you use most often.
The Ribbon contains all the tools and modes you for the simulation purpose.
The Design window contains your model. The tool guides for the selected tool appear on the right side of the Design window. The cursor also changes to indicate the selected tool guide. A mini-toolbar places commonly used options and actions close to the cursor.
The status bar displays messages and progress information about your actions on the current model.
The panels initially appear along the left side of the application window. You can dock and detach these panels.
The Group List panel contains the Group List , which shows you each of the objects in your model. You can quickly show or hide any object using the checkbox next to the object's name. You can expand or collapse the nodes of the tree, re-color objects and delete objects.
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