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Client Server

Once one has made the leap to multiple cores, it is not much harder to take advantage of clusters of multi-processor computers. But to do this with an application with heavy 3D modeling requirements requires splitting the application into a client part that runs on the desktop using the high performance graphics of a workstation and a server part that runs on the parallel compute resource. With Ennova, the only big data that resides on the desktop is the display list that you see. The massive CAD data, mesh and CFD results all stay on the server. This has multiple benefits to the engineer. Today's CFD meshes are very large and are often 100's of MB or even many GB in size. The CFD mesh can be generated directly on the server the CFD analysis will be performed on. This then removes the need to move these files bak and forth across the network saving hours of time. With all the data on the large server, no important CAD data is stored locally making the data much more secure. There is no permanent footprint on the client, it only exists as memory while the Ennova client is running. In addition in a typical work day some processes dont just finish when it is time to go home, so the same Ennova process can be checked up on and continued working on from a client for example at home. This allieviates the need for license management and checking in and out licenses etc. Finally of course Cloud resources are available on demand making Ennova the most cost effective and flexible meshing software available today.