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Files to Open window

Files to Open window

Standard File Open Dialogue Box

1. Standard File Open Dialogue Box

Server List

2. Server List
Here is a list of the available Ennova Servers. In this case the server is running on the local PC and an additional server is available at the listed ip address.

List of Available Ennova Projects

3. List of Available Ennova Projects
Ennova Projects  have the extention .ecf . All geometry types can be opened native into Ennova as a new project using this command .

Open File Type

4. Open File Type
The File Type filter specifies what type of files are visible for opening

STL Import Options

5. STL Import Options
STL  is preprocessed as it is imported to recover some of the models topology. The settings that control this are here. Vertices are merged to the specified toleranceand these can be done file by file or between all the files. Surfaces are split when they exceed the specified angle
The goemetry maybe scaled and units specified.
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