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Ennova Architecture

Ennova Architecture                                     
Ennova is suite of modules that reside on a server.  The connection to this server is through a local client.  It is possible for the server and the client to reside on the same machine for small models but in general real world CFD results in large datasets and it is much more convenient for the server engine of Ennova to reside on a cloud type infrastructure with access to parallel computing.  The basic meshing strategy described in the previous section can be applied to any geometry the user wishes to mesh.  However under special circumstances, for example the need to generate many meshes in a parametric space, Ennova can also be scripted and called automatically.  The scripting language is essentially JavaScript and hence Ennova can be deployed at a server level in any of your existing CFD processes.
Using Ennova Interactively
Using Ennova in an Optimization Process
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