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This manual introduces the use of ennovaCFD v1.5 and iconCFD3.2.11 to carry out the heat transfer analysis of fluid-solid systems.
n  The mesh generation is performed by the ennovaCFD’s volume mesher (topologyBasedMesh).
n  The steady-state natural convection analysis around a heat sink will be used as an example.
n  Simulation overview
n  Heat transfer analysis of fluid-solid system
n  Steady-state
n  Compressibility (ideal gas)
n  Turbulent flow (standard k-ε model)
n  Buoyancy force
n  Heat source
1.Introduction (Contd)
The procedure is as follows.
2.Importing the STL data
Setting of the import options (1/5)
1.      To open the import options, click the ennova icon        .
2.      Click the Import tab to display the import options.
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