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Ennova Attends AIAA Aviation Conference in Atlanta, GA

The Ennova teamed traveled to Atlanta, GA for the AIAA Aviation conference this June to host a booth on the Expo floor.

We talked about Ennova's new H+ meshing technology. H+ meshing technology means that we are making a hybrid mesh with unstructured regions away from the geometry and structured, all hex regions in critical areas of the geometry like trailing edges of wings. It also means that we are creating a mesh with the correct y+: so very thin elements on the surface. The real key to this approach is the very smooth transition in element size (enforced automatically) coupled with highly anisotropic elements (also created automatically) that allow for accurate resolution of the flow field in critical areas.

Using this approach we were able to create meshes that converged quickly and with 5 orders of magnitude in several different solvers without having to adjust the mesh. This contrasts with the usual technique of generating a mesh, running the solver, and then adjusting the mesh so that the solver will converge. This also has the advantage that we get the same result (or nearly), independent of the solver.

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